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Why I Barely Complain Anymore

To ‘complain’: to express grief, pain, or discontent [Merriam-Webster]

      But what is there to complain about? Really. Especially if you have two working eyes, ears, hands, legs and kidneys –well…and everything else-. The truth is that most people have more to be grateful about but they always choose to complain. The question is why? Why do people choose to complain rather appreciate whatever it is they have?
     I have no idea. But I’ll tell you something I know; complaining about everything is the beginning of depression. Why would you feel discontent about almost everything?
Why would you say ‘Argh! This sun is so hot!’? I’m sorry, was there ever a time in history where the sun was cold? Am I missing something? Was there something school forgot to teach us? I don’t get it. Yes, the sun is hot and you KNOW it’s hot and you SAW it was hot before you stepped into it so why complain when it’s frying your head? You should have stayed where there was no sun and continued doing whatever it was you were doing.
     Well, you can complain about the sun if you didn’t want to step under it but one of your friends forced you to walk them somewhere…can’t you? Lol. No. You could have said no, you still have yourself to blame; that’s giving in to peer pressure you weakling! You might not want to agree but you know I know you know it’s the truth.
     If you have to step under the sun then know that you are doing it because you have made the decision to do so. You KNOW what it is but you still chose to do it so why complain?
I really still don’t know, but let me say something…again; it’s a lot better to see the positive in things rather than the negative. Yes, it’s easy to see the negatives, true, but why focus on what is easy when what is hard is better?
     It’s impossible to totally ignore the negatives, no doubt, so here’s a little secret; next time you complain about the sun say ‘Chai! Omo! This sun na die! At least I’m not hawking tomatoes under it’ and if you do happen to be hawking tomatoes under it, say ‘At least I’m going to make money to eat today.’, do you see how you can attach positive to a semi negative and feel good? Stop stressing.
If you’re walking a long distance and your legs start hurting a little, don’t say, ‘Chai! My legs are killing me!’ What? How? Did they carry knives to start stabbing you? How are they ‘killing’ you? (Lol, calm down, I know it’s a figure of speech), but why can’t you say ‘I wish I had a car.’? That’s a lot less negative than accusing your legs of attempted murder. You can then use the thought of having your dream car to distract your legs from taking your life.
Life is simple, there’s really no need to complicate things. 99% of the ‘problems’ we have exist only in our head, the remaining 1% depends on your bank account balance. Lol.


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