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13 : A poem by Victor Mukorho

Life is like a chameleon,
It may not always be what it seems,
Reality is like an opinion,
You shape it from experiences,
What's real to you, may not be real to them,
And what's real to them, may not be real to you,
That doesn't make your reality absurd or fake,
Or useless, impotent, unreal, or feint,
That just makes your reality distinctive and special;
Your, exceptional, personal, unique take.


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I'm Victor Mukorho (which should be very obvious from the name of the website). I am an anti-social extrovert, I like chocolate, weed, music, doughnuts and sex (among some other things). On here, i'll be writing occasionally about my views and perspectives on a lot of real life issues and the reasons I stand where I stand. I am not a big fan of social and mass media because I believe it's utterly misleading and has set standards that most people will want to go out of their way and available resources to achieve.
     The media has altered the minds of most youths today to believe that LOOKING successful is actually more important than BEING successful and that's a shame because what that's doing is just producing dumber, more self-hating human beings; people who'll look at themselves in their (mental or physical) mirror and be dissatisfied with how they look just because they don't have certain characteristics their "social media mentors" ha…