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What Would Happen If Christianity Is Wrong?

Now the first thing most people (Christians) would think of after seeing a heading like this is, ‘What kind of stupid question is this?’ or ‘Mtchew! The devil is doing this one.’ The former MAY be true but let’s discard the latter lol.  Okay, well I am not here to tell you Christianity is wrong and that Christians are wasting their time, no, I just want to open your eyes to a POSSIBILTY, because, let’s be honest; the world is full of millions and trillions of possibilities. 
We don’t have to ACCEPT these possibilities but there isn’t any harm in ACKNOWLEDGING them.
Now to the main koko!
What actually would happen if Christianity is wrong?
We have Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Rastafarianism and a few other religions that compete with Christianity for ‘spiritual supremacy’, so what would happen if one of these other religions were right and Christianity wrong?
Christianity is the most popular religion, true, but that doesn’t make it the true religion, that just gives it a…
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Here we go!

Welcome to my blog...again!
I have been away for a very long time because I have commitment issues but here I am, ready to take responsibility. Really.
Well, to the issue at hand (which I'm not sure what it is), while I was away, I learnt ssoooooo many things, so so many things. I have been to Yola, Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Warri (obviously, I live here) and I have been exposed to so many different ways of living and so many different types and kinds of people, it's been an amazing experience and I want to share the things I have learnt (and would be learning) with y'all.
I actually never bothered to see the world from 'outside the box' (which is the name of the EP i'm working on by the way; dropping late next year) and now that I have, I am in such a happy place. I have learnt to appreciate what I have while knowing that it's good to - not just wish for better things, but - work for what you want.
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