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Why I Barely Complain Anymore

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Here we go!

Welcome to my blog...again!
I have been away for a very long time because I have commitment issues but here I am, ready to take responsibility. Really.
Well, to the issue at hand (which I'm not sure what it is), while I was away, I learnt ssoooooo many things, so so many things. I have been to Yola, Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Warri (obviously, I live here) and I have been exposed to so many different ways of living and so many different types and kinds of people, it's been an amazing experience and I want to share the things I have learnt (and would be learning) with y'all.
I actually never bothered to see the world from 'outside the box' (which is the name of the EP i'm working on by the way; dropping late next year) and now that I have, I am in such a happy place. I have learnt to appreciate what I have while knowing that it's good to - not just wish for better things, but - work for what you want.
People say that it's a small world, but that'…