Friday, 19 January 2018

Kida Kudz - Last Last ft. Dremo [Music Review/Rating]

WOW! Better than I expected. The song is tight!! Dremo is fire!! Dremo's lines were HHOOOOTTT!!! The beat is cool, the chorus is cool, the bridge, everything about the song is tight. This is the afro-trap that people said African artistes can't pull off and the success rate people like Dremo, Nasty C, Dice Ailes, Yung6ix, etc are hitting with this new Genre is actually surprising and beautiful.

It's 6/10!

Korede Bello - Melanin Popping [Music Review/Rating]

Was he trying to make it sound like something Daft Punk produced? That was rubbish! I mean at first I was actually almost enjoying the song because the only problem I had at the beginning of the song was that he's trying to make himself sound "older and mature" but I was still managing the song and trying to enjoy it but then 1:54 in the song the beat and tune changed and everything from that moment till the end of the song is just distorted and rubbish. I actually expected more from Korede Bello.


May D - Love Overdose [Music Review/Rating]

May D's vocals in this song is actually TIGHT! Obviously Legendary Beatz never disappoints but i'll have to say May D actually made the song sound really smooth. The harmony is really beautiful, it sounds like something he didn't really put effort into but just go and hear how fine the song came out. The lyrics too make a reasonable amount of sense and the whole song is just an art. It's a really good song.

It's 6/10.

VJ Adams ft Mr Eazi - Bless My Way [Music Review/Rating]

VJ Adams rhymes are so amateur, every line he dropped any amateur rapper can drop in a freestyle so the fact he took his time to write something like that and then have the confidence to actually use those rhymes is very disappointing. Mr Eazi on the other hand...well, the producer tried.

It's 4/10

Chidinma - Love Me [Music Review/Rating]

Chidinma is just an Igbo Seyi Shey. There is nothing special about this song. There is a nice harmony to the song though; especially at the end. But it's still nothing special or catchy. 

I'll give it 5/10.

Yovi - Osha Pra Pra ft Harrysong [Music Review/Rating]

Rubbish. The song is waste of time and energy. I regret listening to this song. I wonder how much Yovi had to pay Harrysong to feature on this absolute piece of shit. Terrible nonsense to be honest. This kind of song shouldn't even be allowed to leave the studio. This is the kind of song producers should be ashamed of.

Rated E for Effort.

Endia - Oboche [Music Review/Rating]

I honestly downloaded this song because it has that Dice's "Otedola" type of album art and who doesn't like that Otedola song? (except my sister but what does she know?) Well, I wanted to give the song and the artiste a chance and.....well, i'm not really disappointed per say but, it sounds really amateur and cliche. There's no unique tune or twist to the song, it's just plain and quite uninteresting.

It's 4/10.