Davido - Fia [Music Review/Rating]

Okay, by now we should all have heard Davido's latest jam,Fia. The song is rubbish. At a point the song sounded like Runtowns Mad Over You. Davido lacks creativity. Firstly, why didn't he just spell "Fire" as "Fire" instead of "Fia". I honestly thought it was pronounced as "Feeyah" not the normal pronunciation of Fire. Secondly, the lyrics are out of place. I honestly think it's just Kid dominant that's helping Davido's career. His beats are mad and Davido capitalizes on that. Apart from that Davido is a Regular Joe.I'll rate this song 4/10.

Tiwa Savage - Me and You [Music Review/Rating]

Me And You has a boring repetitive beat. Nothing special about the beat. I don't know if she was trying to get her producer to form Major Laser that time where only the beat was playing (around 1:14 - 1:32) but the song didn't really make sense. There was harmony, yes, but the song sounded amateur. It sounded like she didn't want to put in effort on the song. The lyrics too are just.... Wow Tiwa! I'll rate this song 4/10.

Tiwa Savage - All Over [Music Review/Rating]

Tiwa killed this jam o! All Over is everybody's jam! It sounds like something that would be cliché but then the chorus just comes on and gives me goosebumps all over. If you don't like her, at least you have got to like this song, and if you don't like this song, you can go and jump off Third Mainland Bridge.The second verse just blew me away! Especially that "original ogbogonlo bobo" part. Well, obviously, the song is talking about her and a lover. Someone that's not a one night stand because their "lovey lovey no be chop and go". Someone that she won't waste time to "bend low" for. Someone that his something dey do her for body. Okay o! The song is actually a very very nice one. The vocals and the harmony...absolutely beautiful. My personal best on the EP. So, I'll rate this one 7/10.

Tiwa Savage - Hold Me Down [Music Review/Rating]

Hold Me Down is a cool jam. Romantic. Her Vocals were beautiful. The beat was smooth. The lyrics were a little bit repetitive but the song came out quite fine. I'll rate the song 4.3/10.

Tiwa Savage - Get It Now [Music Review/Rating]

Get It Now sounds like a song Yoruba couples will dance to very well at their wedding receptions. The song has a cliché Nigerian wedding tune. It wasn't "all that" at all. I didn't really like it.I'll rate the song 4/10

Tiwa Savage - Sugarcane [Music Review/Rating]

The tune is typically Nigerian but her vocals and the way she presented the whole song made it sound so sweet. That "see me, see bobo" made her sound a little like Yemi Alade but let's put that aside, everything else was typically Tiwa. The song really can "burst up my medulla". And we all know what "Sugarcane" means. If you don't know what it means...good for you, I'm not saying it here.I'll rate the song 6/10. It was really good.

Tiwa Savage - Ma Lo ft WizKid & Spellz [Music Review/Rating]

Chai! This song is something everyone will want to hear in any kind of party. Wedding o! Birthday o! Just normal night clubbing. Tiwa is very good..Even tho the words "roboskeske roboskeske" don't make any sense whatsoever, the lyrics in their verses and the remaining part of the chorus actually have a lot of meaning. Of course WizKid added his "wizzy spice" to the song and that's one of the reasons the song is as nice as it is, but the beat too is so...afro-pop. The whole song came out very beautifully. I'll rate this song 6.4/10